I have been the owner of my company for more than 20 years, but every year more work accumulates and I have less time to be able to go to the company and manage the notifications that the postman gives me.

This has created more expenses in my company, since because of this, many times I have not been able to collect the letters in hand and I have had to pay surcharges.

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With Tamé, it is all easier, I can be up to date with all notifications without having to be aware of when the postman arrives, since when a notification cannot be delivered by hand to the person concerned, after time, it is published in the BOE or in the DGT.

It will notify me immediately on my device when it has been published in the BOE or DGT. It will also notify me of other types of notifications such as summons to appear and enforcement orders. To see the full list of notifications, click here.

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