In our family we are always very busy. And now, our son needs the family car to be able to travel to study and work. And we are hardly ever at home.

A few weeks ago checking the bank account, I saw that I had a high charge and I discovered that it was from a traffic ticket.

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There are times when the postman cannot deliver a letter from the BOE or DGT by hand because the address is not correct or we are not at home when it is presented.

When a fine cannot be notified by hand to the interested person, after time, it is published in the BOE or in the DGT.

With Tamé, I will be able to find out instantly, without having to be at my home the day the postman shows up.

Tamé will notify you of the publication of the traffic fine in the BOE and DGT. It will also notify you of summons to appear and enforcement orders. To see the full list of notifications, click here.

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