What is Tamé?

We change homes frequently. And we do not always update the address in all the agencies it touches. There are times when the postman cannot deliver a traffic ticket in hand because the address is not correct or we are not present or it is lost … Or a notification from the Tax Agency, or Social Security … And the same happens with the Business.

And, after a while, the notification is published in the BOE or the DGT.

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Tamé can detect different notifications, among the most common:

  • Traffic fines, whether municipal, provincial or regional. All traffic fines that could not be notified instantly (such as speeding tickets), if not notified, appear in the BOE or DGT.
  • Summons to appear, that is, the notice of appearance in a body to receive in hand a notification of sanction or a resolution, for example.
  • Execution sentence, that is, the notification that an administration is going to proceed against the assets of a person or company.
    Identification of the driver, Tax Agency, Help or subsidy, etc.

For the full list of notifications, click here.


Tamé is an application that when entering your DNI or NIE (or NIF of companies) connects directly to the BOE and DGT, obtains notifications daily and sends them to your Smartphone or Tablet device, thus being able to notify immediately and avoiding possible surcharges, saving up to 50% depending on the type of notification.

For more information on how Tamé works, click here.