Usually I am always out and about, and when the postman arrives, I can never serve him. When I get home, I check the mailbox and find the notification notice. But there are other times that the notice gets lost. Or simply the delivery address is not correct.

The other day, checking the bank account, I saw a very high charge, and did not know what it was. Investigating a little more, I discovered that it was the collection of a traffic ticket.

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When a fine cannot be notified by hand to the person concerned, after time, it is published in the BOE or in the DGT.

And, the moment the notification is published, the countdown usually begins to be able to pay with the 50% discount or identify the driver.

Tamé will notify you of the publication of the traffic fine in the BOE and DGT and will be able to manage it, thus avoiding up to 50% of the amount.

And it will also notify you of summons to appear and injunctions. To see the full list of notifications, click here.

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